Cynthia Galloway


reeting Families and Guardians:

I am reaching out to you to let you know that your child matter to our staff.  We also miss  each student dearly.  I want to encourage every child and family member that we will get through this school year on a positive note.  I ’ve also been reminded that sometimes the best strategies are simply to breathe and to change the way I think about something.

Understandably, breathing and thinking differently are strategies that are available to everyone no matter what the situation is about.  I practice taking deep breathes inhale and exhale to focus on the things I can control.  Following predictable and consistent routine help with reduce  minimize the stress at times.

Feel free to open the document section to my page for utilize the various coping strategies as needed for students and families.  I am available by email should you need to reach out to me.
Family activities Websites: Open document attachments.


Cynthia Galloway

Suquamish Elementary School, [email protected]