Is your child having difficulties in school?

Difficulty with reading, math or other subjects 

Who do I talk to if I have concerns about my child ?        

  •  Needing more academic challenge
  • Possible handicap or disability (learning, physical, language, emotional)
  • Homework completion problems
  • Difficulty following directions, paying attention, staying on task, or other  behavioral concerns

        Getting help for academic concerns:

  1. Talk to your child's teacher about your concerns.  She/he will either develop a plan with you or suggest a specialist with whom you can meet.  
  2. Discuss your concerns with the Learning Specialist (Patricia Ellerby or Lori Prantil (360) 396-3876).  They can help you and the teacher develop a plan, give diagnostic academic assessments, arrange for in-school tutors, and refer you to other sources for help. 
  3. If you believe your child may have a handicap and be in need of special education, you can discuss your concerns with the special education teacher or the school psychologist.  See the Suquamish Elementary home page and click on "special education department" for more information.
  4. The school counselor, Cynthia Galloway may be able to assist with social and/or emotional concerns as well as Barb DeNormande.