Parent Involvement

Parent Involvement at Suquamish

Parents are essential to the successful education of their children. The research is very clear: when parents are involved in their child’s education, that child does better in school. At Suquamish, parent involvement is very important to teachers and parents are welcomed in all aspects of their child’s education.


Because we know that parents have jobs, schedule constraints, and other children to parent, Suquamish staff try to create a variety of ways in which parents can be involved with school and their child’s education, including the following: 

  1. Informing your child about how important his/her schooling is. This can be done by encouraging your child to complete homework, setting expectations for attendance, discussing post high school education, and asking questions about what is being studied in school.
  2. Staying in contact with your child’s teacher, keeping informed of progress and problems, and attending conferences. This may also include checking your teacher’s website and the Suquamish website.
  3. Attending special school events, including Open House, Curriculum Night, Family Reading and Math Nights, concerts, talent shows, and other events where your child’s work may be on display. 
  4. Volunteering at school, whether occasionally such as for a field trip, or routinely as a tutor, art docent, or classroom helper. Working on PTA events, such as field day, and holiday bazaar, and fundraisers, also fulfills important volunteer functions. 
  5. Serving on building and Title I Advisory Committees and participating in surveys and other activities to provide input to staff in planning improvement activities, parent trainings, etc, and contribute to decisions made for students.  
  6. Attending classes and workshops on a variety of topics, such as, curriculum, helping your child with homework, testing, child development and parenting.