LAP and TITLE services

Suquamish Elementary has Washington State Learning Assistance Program (LAP) dollars. and Targeted TITLE 1 Services.  Both of these programs give money to Suquamish so that extra services can be provided to students who have not achieved basic grade level skills. Services may be of short duration (for as little as a few weeks) or for longer more intensive interventions, dependent on student needs.

The Suquamish LAP (Literacy K-4) and TITLE 1 (Math K-5 and Literacy 5th grade) programs provide services to students in a variety of ways: 

  1. In-class para-educator instructional aide support. Aides are assigned to work along side teachers to provides extra support in pre-teaching or re-teaching grade level curriculum to small groups of students or through 1:1 tutoring.
  2. Small group limited pull-out. When a student’s performance is significantly below grade level so thatmit is difficult for him/her to use the materials in class, he/she may be provided small group instruction by para-educator aides or by the learning specialist. Group instruction is specifically focused on accelerating learning to fill gaps in the child’s education. 
  3. Before school programs. Many students opt to take advantage of the before school reading fluency and/or math computation labs offered Monday through Thursday from 8:35 to 9:00 a.m.
  4. Summer extended learning.  Title I monies, along with a variety of grants, make it possible to offer students not yet at grade level an extended summer learning program.
  5. Intensive 1:1 or small group instruction by the Learning Specialist. Short duration (4 to 8 weeks) intensive intervention may be given for students with severe deficits in order to enable them to take advantage of the other service options listed. 
  6. Tutors.  Many wonderful community members and parents volunteer to tutor students, providing extra help in reading and math.  Other tutors provide enrichment literature circles and math groups.

For more information on Title I and the state Learning Assistance Program (LAP), link to the official Washington State website: